Halfords Group confirms Halfords, Tredz, Cycle Republic and Boardman Bikes’ participation in Bicycle Association’s Market Data Service

Halfords Group has confirmed that all of their cycling channels and brands, including Halfords, Cycle Republic, Tredz and Boardman Bikes, will participate in the Bicycle Association’s new Market Data Service.

Today’s announcement from Halfords Group, the UK’s largest cycling retailer, cements their support for the Market Data Service, an initiative launched by the cycle industry’s trade body, the Bicycle Association (BA) to deliver accurate sales data to the whole sector, including information on key trends such as the growing popularity of electric bikes.

Rob Wilkins, Cycling Director for Halfords Group, said: “As the UK’s leading cycling retailer our mission is to be world-class in the bikes, accessories and servicing we offer. Having accurate market data to work with will enable us to respond to consumer demands even more effectively, and in a fast-changing market to be right on top of key trends such as e-bikes. It is only at industry level that this sort of data can be collected securely and in confidence, and as a leading player in the sector Halfords is proud to be leading the way by contributing our data.”

Peter Kimberley, Managing Director at Cycle Republic, Tredz and Boardman, said: “Every professional in the industry knows the value of having accurate data to inform decisions, be that at strategic level or down to everyday decisions on the shop floor. The Market Data Service will provide detailed figures, updated every month, to provide the insights we need to stay in the forefront of cycle retailing for commuter, racing and leisure cyclists alike.”

BA Associate Director Simon Irons said: “This full engagement from Halfords, the UK’s largest cycling retailer, is a major step towards our 70% whole market coverage target and will especially boost the pooled dataset’s robustness in key areas such as mainstream models and children’s bikes. It shows that companies from the very largest in the UK market, to the hundreds of independent dealers who have already signed up, see the win-win of accurate market data finally being available to the industry to support buying and investment decisions.”

The Bicycle Association (BA) is the trade association for the UK cycle industry, representing many major UK brands including Halfords. Its Market Data Service is an industry initiative to provide accurate sales data to the whole sector.

After soft-launching in January, the service is set to go live in April, with a target of 70%+ market coverage by the end of the year.

Halfords joins around 250 IBDs who have already expressed interest in the service. Having recently attended CoreBike to demonstrate the service and answer retailers questions, the BA team are keen to engage with more stores. Retailers who would like to participate are invited to sign up to the Market Data Service online at https://www.bicycle-association.org.uk/market-data

The BA also holds regular technical meetings, offers one-on-one support and also updates members frequently on topics including standards development, updates in regulations and best practice in compliance and documentation.

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