LEVA-EU dumping injury survey seeks to measure damage

LEVA-EU, on behalf of the Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles and SMEs throughout Europe, has launched a survey asking those in the trade to outline how current legislative uncertainty has affected their business.

Should the European Commission pursue the 189% duties as mentioned in the Registration Regulation, this will force many companies to close or to go bankrupt, believes the organisation. The Registration Regulation is currently resulting in shortage of electric bike supplies, price increases and considerable losses, says LEVA-EU.

The call for evidence will be used to demonstrate to the European Commission the breadth of damage being done to European importers. Importers, dealers or any other stakeholders in the electric bicycle business are invited to take part here.

Furthermore, LEVA-EU has organised an information meeting on the dumping case at Eurobike, open to all interested parties and taking place on Tuesday 10th at the Neue Messe 1 Conference Centre. To register, click here.