Lizard Skins acquires Oury Grips, brands to remain separate

Lizard Skins has just completed a deal to acquire Oury Grips, another renowned grip maker in cycling and powersports.

Triggered by Oury managing partner Marta Schild’s retirement, the buyout enables Lizard Skins to grow its already strong presence in the grip market in the US and abroad. Oury has been designing and manufacturing grips since 1968, while Lizard Skins turns 25 in January.

“We’ve been friends with the Lizard Skins team for many years, and they’ve always been kind and willing to lend a hand, even though we’re competitors. Their willingness to continue our traditions, like molding grips at the same USA-based facilities, helped seal the deal,” said Schild.

“We are really excited to have Oury Grips as part of the Lizard Skins family,” says Brian Fruit, Lizard Skins President. “We also produce class-leading grips, and have done so for over 20 years, so this partnership was a logical step in our evolution. Combined with Oury’s amazing history and wealth of knowledge, we see this as an opportunity to make all of our products even better and more diversified than ever.”

Effective as of September 1, Oury is now entirely owned and operated by Lizard Skins. The Oury website and branding will remain separate from Lizard Skins, but they will now be operated out of Lizard Skins’ newly constructed office/warehouse in American Fork, Utah.