Muc-Off launch new Rain Shield Re-Proofer spray

Bicycle care and maintenance brand, Muc-Off, have announced the launch of its new Rain Shield Re-Proofer spray, available from selected retailers now.

This ‘spray on’ waterproofing treatment restores factory levels of repellence on all waterproof and breathable fabrics, by creating a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) layer.

The spray has been designed to reduce the surface tension of fabrics, thanks to its microscopically ‘spikey’ surface. The surface becomes hydrophobic, so water beads and rolls off the fabric, preventing rain, snow and mud from penetrating and saturating technical apparel.

The spray has been designed with sustainability in mind, meaning that it is safe for the environment. It also won’t impact the breathability of garments as it works to improve their performance.

The Rain Shield Re-Proofer is priced at £9.99 / €11.99 and is available now at, from selected e-retailers and via the Muc-Off global dealer network.

The brand previously announced that it will be adding three new eBike kits to its growing range of products; designed specifically for motor-driven machines. The three new kits are: eBike Ultimate kit, eBike Essential kit and eBike CPL (Clean, Protect, Lube) kit.

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