New Italian market data reveals domestic manufacturing and electric export spikes

By Claudia Vianino

Today Confindustria ANCMA, (Italy’s National Association for Bikes, Motorbikes and Parts) released its 2015 market data and there’s some notable increases to offset a slight dip in sales.

Compared to 2014, the sales and the manufacture of bicycles look stable, with a slight decrease (-2.47%) That is however compensated by the increase in production (+90,36%) and sales of the e-bikes segment (+9.8). As for exports, Electric bikes leaving for foreign shores rose a significant 166.9%. The trend is inline with German data, which saw the e-bike perform in sales and exports.

There’s also a change in consumer buying habits to report. Increasingly Italian consumers are buying through the retail channels, either specialized or organized. More specifically, on a total of 1,653,709 units sold, 1 million bicycles were purchased via traditional large-scale retailers, or retail purchasing consortiums. The remaining units were sold through the channel of the specialized bike shops. A small portion, (about 2% of the total), was purchased online.

E-Bike sales rose to 56,189 units in 2015 while the region’s manufacturers doubled their numbers: from 8,720 units produced in 2014 to 16,600 in 2015. Here, the exciting data relates to exports, with an increase of 166.9% compared to 2014; such a big percentage raises good hopes for the future of the Italian e-bikes brands.

According to ANCMA, the reasons behind such an incredible increase in e-bikes export and sales is due to the high speed allowed by these vehicles (25Km /h).

Corrado Capelli, Chairman of Confindustria Ancma commented: “2015 market data delivers a scenario where the big change is in mobility: E-Bikes sales and exports data confirm this trend. More and more our two-wheels enthusiasts choose the pedal assisted bicycles to move in city traffic. Hopefully, we will maintain the same trend in 2016”.

Such an industrial outcome led to new-players entering into the world of the E-Bike market: further motorcycle companies are revealing their take on e-bikes, while appliances manufacturers have further started the production of engine components dedicated to e-bikes.

Along with the e-bikes exports increase ANCMA reports a 1.66% rise in parts, components and bike accessories exports. ANCMA emphasizes this is a clear recognition of the quality and international fame of the Italian products. Imports of parts and components, however, suffers from the global increase in prices and register a slight decrease in imported quantities (-5.5%).