NSW cyclists now “top crime stats” as $425 fine handed out for trackstanding at the lights


Cyclists are now topping the NSW crime list following the introduction of a new undefined offence of “dangerous cycling”, say the Australian Cyclists’ Party.

The Facebook page has even cited one instance where a cyclist received a $425 spot fine for trackstanding at traffic lights.

Green MP Mehreen Faruqi will now push for a disallowance motion in the SNW Upper House to block the recent increase in fines. Previously running a red light, for example, would set you back $71 as opposed to $425.

The Australian Cyclists’ Party posted to their Facebook: “As we feared, the Police actions are now spiralling out of control and completely disproportionate to what was meant to be a balanced, “Go Together” safety push. This despite assurances from the Roads Minister and the department responsible for the poorly thought through mess – The Centre for Road Safety – that this would be a low key transition period.

“It’s now looking more like blatant abusive behaviour and an embarrassment to the people of NSW if not Australia. After just apologising for the over-reaction to the Gay Rights movement in 1978, there is an eerie sense that nothing has been learned as this crackdown hardens.”

From next year cyclists will even have to obtain a photo ID if they want to cycle in NSW and at a cost of $51. Roads and Maritime Services statistics obtained by the Greens reveal that about 468,000 people in NSW have neither a driver’s licence nor a photo card.

Duncan Gay, NSW Roads Minister told the SMH: “”For the rest, they’ll have a year to get one if they wish,” Mr Gay said. “It is a simple process. The next 12 months is about education and getting cyclists to start carrying identification, primarily to ensure family members can be notified if there is a crash and to help emergency services provide the best medical support they can.”

Thus far the crackdown has seen tickets issued for things as trivial as a missing reflector or loose helmet strap.

The ACP has now called on bicycle users to contact their MPs to vote for the disallowance measure of the cycling regulations.

Previously a 10,000 signature strong petition to reverse the ID law was ignored by the Premier’s office.