Oslo’s updated cycling network investment comes in at Kr13.8 billion and 510km

With goals to increase the bicycle’s modal share to 16 percent by 2025, Oslo’s strategy will be to invest Kr13.8 billion (over $2 billion or £1.41 billion) to create a network of 510km of cycling infrastructure.

Sitting at the head of the Oslo Fjord, Aftenposten.no reports that Norwegian capital has discarded an old plan detailing just 180km of cycle routes, which should have been completed several years ago but has hit delays. Once completed, the updated network will place 85% of citizens within 200 metres of a cycle path.

Set to be delivered in two phases, the first will cost Kr4.6 billion and deliver 80km of path to be delivered by 2025. The second phase has a rough estimate of Kr9.2 billion.  6 in 10 will live within 200 metres on completion of phase one.

Within the inner city, eight key routes will cover 50 km and will form key commuter arteries. The announcement adds that the bulk of these will be suitable for riders aged 2 to 80 years, suggesting that these will be segregated from traffic flows.

Of the total network, Oslo’s city council will construct 375km of the total, with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration adding a further 135km.

Earlier this year Norway published a national transport plan which proposed a $184 a head spend on the country’s five million strong population.

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(Image via Oslo NPRA.)