POC launches European Partner Programme to vet authorised resellers

Swedish cycling helmet, eyewear, body armour and apparel manufacturer, POC, has launched a dedicated European Partner Programme to enhance its presence and support across key markets, effective from January 2021.

The programme, which will be an officially recognised selective distribution system, will deliver a ‘consistent and high quality experience’ across the network of European retail resellers. It will also provide the means to remove any unauthorised sale of POC products in retail and e-commerce.

“Maintaining and enhancing POC’s leading reputation requires consistency and a high level of quality, and we are excited to engage even more directly with our current and future partners by launching the European Partner Programme,” said Kolia Plegt, POC Managing Director for Europe. “Our partners and resellers have warmly welcomed the partner programme as it ensures that resellers across Europe will all need to meet the same criteria and quality.”

The programme will ensure that authorised resellers possess the appropriate technical expertise and skills required to advise consumers on the selection of the most suitable products for their needs, and on their correct and safe usage. Authorised resellers will need to prove they can handle the products correctly and carefully with a view to safeguarding their condition, and offer a range of products appropriate to their business type.

The programme will also make sure that resellers present and promote the products and the POC brand in a manner consistent with its reputation and guidelines, while delivering a high-quality user experience, before, during and after a sale.

Plegt continued: “By establishing a European Partner Programme we are laying down the foundations to support our official partners across Europe with the consistency they need, which will also include prohibiting the sale of POC products by unauthorised resellers.

“The programme is a significant, positive step in our evolution, supporting our continued growth whilst delivering a seamless performance and experience to all our customers and users.”

Questions regarding sales and becoming an official POC reseller can be directed here.

POC has received over 60 international awards for technology, innovation and design, including the Bike Industry ‘Brand of the Year’ award. The company also announced a new long-term distribution partnership with BC Sports in China for its snow products.

Last month, POC recruited Oliver Coxhead to the role of Country Manager ahead of its July 1st rollout of a new direct to dealer UK sales organisation.

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