Product round up: Key lines from Raleigh’s electric stable for 2018

Considering dipping a toe into electric bikes this season? First things first, for any customers asking if it’s cheating, it most certainly is not, the benefits, according to this study, are very real.

Have a Raleigh account? Here’s what you’ll have access to for the year ahead.

Diamondback’s Lux e-MTB

DiamondBack’s new Lux electric mountain bike delivers outdoor exploration via Bosch’s acclaimed CX power system, keeping the bike flowing powerfully, even on the inclines.

Sharing its DNA with the highly-rated Heist, the Lux has a relaxed frame geometry with a 69-degree head angle helping to make the handling smooth and assertive, but not overly aggressive.  The frame is made with double-butted 6061 aluminium with a recessed 400wh battery lending to the attractive aesthetic. The mid-mounted Bosch CX drive system packs in plenty of power. Coming tuned to e-MTB riding with four modes of assistance – Eco mode provides 50% assistance and Turbo adds a 300% boost to your pedalling. The Purion display unit makes sure your customer has all the information on the battery and motor available at the touch of their finger-tips, with the battery range giving riders between 55km on Turbo and 145km on Eco mode.

The Lux uses a Shimano Deore 1×10-speed clutch assisted rear derailleur to keep changes sharp and precise. The Suntour XCR LO-R AIR forks have 100mm of travel to take the shocks from the trail, the forks have a wide stanchion to accommodate the 27.5” wheels rolling on 2.2” wide Maxxis Ikon tyres. The hydraulic disc brakes have been upgraded from the Heist’s 160mm rotors to 180mm diameter to bring greater stopping power to the heavier electric powered Lux.

Raleigh’s Strada Electric 

For 2018, Raleigh’s own Strada electric family jump to 650B rim sizes on all bikes, coupled with deeper, wider tyres that are perfectly suited to the bumps, lumps and pot holes present in Britain’s roads.

The Strada Electric range features a new, lighter aluminium frame. The size of the rear triangle has been reduced, making it stiffer, more responsive and agile in the twists and turns. The seat stay has also been dropped giving more flex and comfort in the saddle.

The battery for the Shimano E6000 drive system has been semi-integrated in to the frame, making the bike look sleeker. Light weight carbon forks with an alloy steerer have also been added to the Strada Electric range, improving the shock absorption and handling of the bike.

Both the Strada Elite Electric and Strada Comp Electric are equipped with the top of the range Shimano Steps E6000 e-Bike system, featuring a powerful 50NM centre mount motor. The motor boasts reduced drag which makes it quicker off the mark and faster when the bike is traveling over 15mph. The key to the Shimano STEPS system is the integration of the gears, motor and controller to produce a quiet, powerful and efficient riding experience. The 400wh battery boasts a range of between 40 and 125km dependent on the level of assistance selected.

The Strada Comp Electric boasts a Shimano Alfine Di2 electronic hub gear upgrade, allowing riders to shift smoothly, quickly and precisely with the option to shift automatically. This model comes in metallic gunmetal grey with rose gold detailing and retails for £2,500.

Haibike’s xDuro and sDuro 

From the 2018 model year, Haibike’s sDuro will relate offer a more comfortable geometry, starting at lower prices through to premium options and aimed at the mainstream rider taking on a variety of terrains.

Meanwhile, the xDuro will be positioned for the rider seeking aggressive performance characteristics with slacker geometry, a longer wheel base, greater options for travel and high specification, premium components.

Both ranges will have both Bosch and Yamaha drive units.

As a result, there is a new line up for both ranges; the 2018 sDuro range incorporates full suspension, hardtail and adventure models, with the xDuro bringing advanced off-road all mountain, enduro and downhill bikes along with full-sus and hardtail fat bikes.

Being introduced on Haibike for the first time in 2018 is the new Yamaha PW-SE drive unit.  This sits between the Yamaha PW and PW-X units, raising the bar for assistance from 100rpm to 110rpm meaning better performance in higher gears and at higher cadence.  It also comes with the LCD display unit and is tuned to perform with powerful assistance for e-MTBs from the off.

2018 also sees the launch of the Bosch Power Tube or in-tube battery. With Haibike making the battery integral to the frame from the get-go, the 2018 Bosch powered Haibike models now incorporate the in-tube battery making the e-bikes look even slicker, making the batteries more secure and even more protected from the punishment of the tracks and trails.

Finally, don’t forget, Raleigh has also given its Mustang the electric treatment.

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