Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association and Prestacycle to reveal concept support cycle at Interbike

Prestacycle, alongside co-sponsors the PBMA, KMC Chains and Continental Bicycle Tire have announced an event at Interbike.

Working alongside Count’s Kustoms, as seen on the History Channel series “Counting Cars”, Prestacycle has developed a sport motorcycle specially modified to provide event support services at bicycle races, charity rides and other cycling events. Modifications include an on-board high-speed air compressor system, utilizing Prestacycle’s bicycle tyre inflation technology, a quick-detach cycle mechanic’s tool kit, featuring Prestacycle hand tools, storage for spare tyres, chains, tubes and other repair supplies, as well as vehicle lighting and features for enhanced road safety.

Highlighting the build will be custom styling by Count’s lead motorcycle designer Shannon Aikau, and custom paint by Count’s lead artist Ryan Evans.

The project will be seen at Booth 17014, the Interbike headquarters of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association, on Wednesday, September 21st, at 1:30 PM.

The Count’s Kustom’s celebrities who helped to design and build the bike will be on-hand for the reveal and to meet fans. After the reveal, the motorcycle will be on continuous display in the PBMA Booth.

For more information on the Prestacycle, visit: