Regular cycling for transport can halve stress, shows Institute of Global Health study

Building further upon earlier evidence that cycling to work has enormous health benefits, both physically and mentally, a new study from the Institute of Global Health Barcelona has shown regular cycling to reduce stress by as much as 52%.

Published in the BMJ Open magazine, the research stresses that a safe cycling network from the home to workplace seems to be a further catalyst for reduced stress levels.

Of those who cycle once a week the institute found at least a 20% reduction in likelihood to suffer from stress, with that figure rising to 52% among those who cycle four times a week.

Surveying 800 18 to 69 year-olds, the conclusion drawn by first author of the study Ione Avila-Palencia is that policy makers have a responsibility to cater for bicycle use to create a happier and more productive workforce.

A similar study by Concordia university earlier this summer revealed that cycling to work has particular benefits for the early part of the working day, often setting employees up for the remainder.

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