Restrap to manufacture and distribute Wald Sports Basket Bags

UK bicycle accessories manufacturer Restrap has signed an exclusive deal to manufacture and distribute Wald Sports Basket Bags.

Wald lays claim to being the one of the world’s largest makers of bike baskets and with this new link up seeks to create an equally classy bag to accompany its existing products.

Yorkshire-based Restrap will be producing the new lines utilising its in-house fabric CNC cutting machines, before finishing each bag with one-off RestrapXWald branding.

The collaboration sprung from Eurobike 2017 when the two companies met and decided to join forces in a mutually beneficial collaboration.

“We have designed and made prototypes using the same techniques and quality as all the other innovative Restrap products,” says director Edward Kingston. “It’s a natural progression for the Restrap brand as we continue to design and produce a new generation of bags.”

The collection will feature three different sizes each set for launch at the Berlin Bike Show, alongside Restrap’s other new bags, the Rando and the Panniers.

UK bicycle shops will have access to the bags from the end of March.