Rock Shox warns consumers on danger of unauthorised online fork deals

Rock Shox has issued a consumer notice warning customers to only buy its products from verified dealers and to be extra cautious when it comes to forks with serial number blemishes.

Posting on its site the suspension specialist warns: “Forks with scratched off serial numbers could be potentially dangerous to use and are not covered by the SRAM Warranty. Do not ride forks that have the product serial number scratched off.”

The manufacturer outlines that such forks are increasingly “purchased from an unauthorized online retailer who is shipping directly from a factory. Without an identifiable product serial number, it is impossible to distinguish a genuine RockShox fork from a counterfeit reproduction.”

The serial number is typically etched into the fork crown. Rock Shox suggests that it has seen increasing numbers of forks returned for warranty with serial numbers removed or tampered with, thus voiding the warranty the customer may assume they have.

At present, all forks sold through authorised channels carry a two year warranty.