Shift Up Podcast: Bikes for Climate

This is episode is part of the Shift Up podcast micro-series, Bridging the Gap to achieve gender balance in cycling, sponsored by Quality Bicycle Products.

On this episode of the Shift Up podcast, host Arleigh Greenwald interviews climate-action influencer, Andrea Learned. Andrea Learned, the founder of Learned On, is passionate about working with startups, nonprofits, and corporations to make the greatest impact by helping them increase their social impact leadership, climate action, and sustainability.

Arleigh sits down with Andrea to shed light on important issues such as climate change and what we need to do as individuals to be active and help. Together they discuss some successful marketing campaigns and companies that they admire for helping in this effort. During the episode, Arleigh and Andrea touch on why marketing to women is so important and also how to introduce more people to riding bikes.

Andrea explains how she initially became involved in climate conversation. She has a background in marketing for women in an array of areas, such as women as green consumers. She had been riding her bike in the Portland area since the early mid-nineties. A lightbulb went off and all of her different interests and experiences seemed to line up. Andrea now works as a consultant to help businesses get involved in social media outlets to help their climate platform.

Arleigh and Andrea discuss many of the effective marketing campaigns that they admire like Trek Bicycle, Rebecca Rusch and Cannondale. Andrea explains the importance of marketing specifically to women since they are responsible for the bulk of consumer purchases, with the goal being to get more people on bikes that have not done so since they were twelve.

As the conversation winds down, Arleigh and Andrea share the value in storytelling to impact others. Andrea emphasizes the importance of getting decision-makers demoing bikes to impact their communities. Andrea shares some of her insight and some amazing tools and resources on her website at

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