Simplon invests in premises, planning and people

Austrian bicycle manufacturer Simplon has announced a raft of investments to prepare the business and its retailers for a future of selling to demanding consumers. 

The business has just completed an investment in a so-called Enterprise Resource Planning System, something that will enable the company to better estimate and plan material needs and availability of components much better.

“This has means an enormous investment for us, but one which is necessary for the future, and which will lead to improved information accuracy,” the brand said.

An extension to the business’s warehousing will add capacity for the firm, while office and meeting room space in Hard and Lake Constance will grow by 300 metres squared. This will be completed by Q1 2018.

Furthermore, staff level have been bolsetered. Andreas Clausen, an experienced Head of Supply Chainhas joined Simplon and will ensure that purchasing, warehousing, assembly and shipping are now coordinated under one roof. The management and synchronization of these areas will be increasingly important for our performance in the future.

Another team member addition comes in the Planning and Logistics area. Natalia Shestakova, who recently joined us will support Simplon in the field of material resource and production planning.

Since the beginning of August 2017, Felix Stroescu, has been providing additional team support in Customer Service. Initially he has been the main contact person for dealers in English and French speaking territories.

Meanwhile, Christian Hämmerle (pictured, Right, with Stefan Vollbach), a shareholder and management member up until now, has decided to change his operational role into a pure shareholder role from the end of October 2017 to be able to dedicate more time to his family.

In his more than 25 years of being with the company, including time as managing director, Christian Hämmerle made a significant contribution to the success and development of the brand.

Having hit double-digits when it comes to UK stockists, the firm is now exploring further export opportunities.