SKS wins iF Design Award for Airstep Pump

SKS Germany has won an iF DESIGN AWARD for its Airstep, targeted at those that are find a track pump hard work and the e-bike market.

Despite a wide base – that makes it more stable than a traditional footpump – Airstep has a small footprint for storage and scored points with the 67-strong jury for its integrated storage space for the spiral hose and large pressure gauge. The Airstep was one of 6,375 entries were submitted from 52 countries.

The Airstep is now in stock for the UK market with distributor Zyro, £64.99 SRP. CIN quizzed Zyro Senior Brand Manager Richard Samuels, for more detail on the features that impressed the jury:

“The target market for this pump is e-bike riders, and older riders / commuters who are less familiar with using a track pump and  / or who find the effort of using a track pump hard work.

“Track / floor pumps work your back and arms, and often require the user to lean forwards in use, which ergonomically can put demands on your lower back. A foot pump uses the largest muscles in your body, in your legs, from an upright position, so the ergonomics of using the pump are superior and the effort required to inflate a tyre is reduced. The ergonomics were approved by SQ Lab, leader in Performance Based Ergonomics.

“The pump itself inflates to 102 psi, making it suitable for any tyre of 32mm or wider. In this age of e-MTB and gravel bikes, it is a good option. The product weighs 1.4kg and has a wide base, and an equally wide alloy foot pedal, so it is much more stable in use than a traditional footpump.

“The footprint of the pump is small and it can be locked when closed to minimise the space it takes up in a car boot, motorhome etc or in your garage. The pump is also supplied with a hanging hook. Meanwhile, the coiled hose minimises the space required to store it, the gauge is large for ease of reading even when stood above it, and the lockable Multi Valve head makes attachment to Presta or Schraeder valves quick and secure.”

The iF Design Awards have been running for over 60 years.

SKS Product Manager Christoph Kohnen said: “Air pumps from SKS Germany stand for high quality and durability. We always aspire to attractive product aesthetics in combination with functionality. We are therefore very pleased that our work has been honoured by the iF DESIGN AWARD.”

SKS also has a video to take you through the features: