Spanish bike and e-Bike market breaks new records

Europe’s record-breaking year for cycle sales has been furthered with the announcement that in 2020 the Spanish bike market hit new milestones for both pedal and pedal-assisted cycles.

The national trade body AMBE reports that while mountain biking remains the most popular category in Spain, electric bikes registered a 48.9% growth year-on-year. In an encouraging sign for the bicycle-based mobility picture, urban bikes sales were up 46.4%.

“Cycling has benefited from the change of habits of many Spaniards towards a healthier and more sustainable way to move around and enjoy their free time”, said Jesús Freire, AMBE´ Secretary General.

Produced annually in association with Cofidis, the report is now circulating with representatives from the national Government, with whom the bike industry hopes to strike closer bonds to further the case for transport cycling.

In total, bicycle sales increased by 24.1% in Spain during 2020, while more than 1.5 million bicycles were sold during the year, more than ever before.

Those tallies equate to a massive increase in economic worth with the combined totals registering approximately €2.6 billion in sales, up 39.4% like-for-like, while associated employment remained stable despite the pandemic. It is said that 22,000 Spanish families rely on the bike market for income.

While e-bikes are not the most sold bicycles in Spain in terms of units, for the first time they constituted the number one category in terms of turnover. 212.635 electric bicycles were sold in Spain in 2020. The average price of an e-Bike was €2,648, increasing the average price of a bicycle in Spain to €865 (+21.7%).

“What we see happening in Spain is in line with the rest of European markets: a huge increase in e-bikes sales and a very special and significant sign that urban cycling is kicking-off in Spain, which we have been waiting for a long time”, said Javier López, AMBE´s President.

The sales of components (+21.7%) and textile (+13%) also increased during 2020, as well as those of accessories. The number of bike shops also increased by 30 over the last year.

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