Strava to open up next level of social media with content creation tool

Strava has announced that later this summer it will add a content creation tool that will allow users to post stories, photos, questions, gear tips, race reports, recommendations and workouts.

Initially launched to a roster of 36 professional athletes, Strava users are now able to follow athletes in a not too dissimilar way as they might on other social platform. Among those already posting are notable athletes in the Strava community such as Susie Chan and Rich Mitch, both known for telling great stories

“Strava is a place where athletes come to connect with each other, share their experiences and learn from one another,” says Aaron Forth, chief product officer at Strava. “And until now, those connections have been based entirely on athletic activities. Our opportunity is to help athletes have conversations beyond their daily activities, sharing everything from favourite gear to injury recovery tips to travel recommendations. To open up those conversations, we are introducing the ability for members to post new types of content. Ultimately, when you want to engage with friends who share your passion for all things running, cycling, swimming, hiking, or any other sport, Strava is the place to do it.”