Tern signs cargo and urban bike specialist as Australian distributor

Tern Bicycles has today announced the recruitment of Dutch Cargo Bike as the brand’s Australian distributor.

Now effective, the deal sees the distributor take on all responsibility for driving the brand’s progress. The firm already has a strong foothold when it comes to the sale of urban and cargo-specific bicycles. Electric bikes now also form part of the distributor’s ambitions, making Tern’s expanding pedal-assisted portfolio an ideal fit.

“At Tern, we build bikes that help people get around in cities. B With the launch of our Vektron ebike, and Cargo Node cargo bike, we’re serious about leading the urban cycling market, with the world’s most useful folding, cargo, and electric bikes,” said Joshua Hon, Founder and Team Captain of Tern. “Dutch Cargo Bike has built an incredible reputation for developing and supporting utility bike brands in the Australian market. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

“At Dutch Cargo Bike, our philosophy is to help people find the right bike to fit their life,” said Emmy Heikamp, co-founder of Dutch Cargo Bike. “Whether family bikes, business bikes, commuter bikes or bikes for an adventure. Different riders need different rides. Folding bikes unlock cycling for a whole new category of people—people who value a bike that you can bring anywhere. Tern strikes a ride-it-to-believe-it balance between ride quality and portability, which we believe is the winning formula for Australia. We can’t wait to get them to market.”

Look out for Dutch Cargo Bike at their upcoming events across Australia:

1/4/2017 Brisbane QLD test day
15/4/2017 Canberra SA test day
End of April Melbourne VIC showroom opening