Cycling Business Podcast signs trade media exclusive with CyclingIndustry.News

Alex Palmer’s Cycling Business Podcast has linked exclusively with cycling trade media portal CyclingIndustry.News giving visitors a deeper insight into the inner workings of the bike trade.

Having quickly accumulated a vast following in the bicycle industry, Palmer’s podcast has previously featured on CyclingIndustry.News, with episodes centering on topics like; Doing business in Asia, the potential of the mobile mechanics business and direct to consumer sales.

Now found on the CyclingIndustry.News homepage, the latest podcast takes time to go into depth on the timely topic of the Donald Trump presidency’s likely effect on the industry, as well as drawing insight on how Brexit has both pros and cons for the UK.

To properly address these issues this episode’s guests are U.S. bicycle trade expert and CI.N regular Jay Townley, as well as UK manufacturer Hope Technology’s Alan Weatherill.

“I started the podcast last year as something of a side project to highlight and discuss specific business issues facing the bike industry, and it has been really rewarding to hear the positive comments from listeners so far,” said Palmer, who is also the CEO of Fat Chance Bikes. “There’s definitely a big appetite right now for business podcasts and the bike industry is no exception, so it’s great to now partner with Cycling Industry News to help spread the word on the Cycling Business Podcast. We’re looking forward to collaborating on new topics and guests and promoting it to an even wider audience.”

Palmer’s background in the bicycle business is broad, with time spent as the Marketing Director of the Garmin Pro Cycling team and as the GM of Canyon UK, among other roles.

“Throughout these roles I’ve met a lot of people in the industry with interesting stories, and also encountered a great deal of things that happen behind the scenes in our business that most people probably aren’t that well informed on,” added Palmer. “With both of these things in mind, I set out to try and lift the lid on what goes on in the bike business at the same time as sharing stories from interesting people in the business.”

CyclingIndustry.News Editor Mark Sutton added on the media partnership: “I’m absolutely thrilled that Alex has first and foremost continued to publish his excellent podcast, but most of all that he chosen to work with CyclingIndustry.News to develop it going forwards. We’re looking forward to delivering the content to our combined trade-facing audiences and making the podcast a focal point of the site.

“I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t make enough time to tune into podcasts, but to date the Cycling Business Podcast has to had my undivided attention with each new episode. If you’ve an interest in the inner workings of the bicycle trade then I can’t recommend tuning in more, this is truly engaging content and produced to an incredibly high standard.”

You can now tune in to the podcast at the head of CyclingIndustry.News’ homepage and we’ll bring you new episodes once a month.

To inquire about sponsorship of the Cycling Business Podcast, including your brand presence at the head of CI.N’s online offering, contact us here.