Transworld’s Ride BMX steps away from print in magazine form

Transworld’s Ride BMX title is to cease print publication in this its 25th year publishing.

In a post to the site earlier this week editor Ryan Fudger said the publisher has long “been searching for a happy medium between digital and print”.

Looking back over 218 printed magazines, Fudger writes:

“It’s an obvious statement, but the way we receive content and media these days is constantly evolving. I feel like Ride has always done a decent job of moving with it—especially the last few years—but we were constantly searching for that happy medium between digital and print. Figuring out how to create and show long form content while producing other content on a daily basis is no easy task. While everything about not doing a print magazine is factually easier for us, getting to the point to discontinue the mag was not an easy decision. As much as we considered the print magazine a labor of love, it’s also a business. And simply, it’s a portion of what we do that didn’t line up any more. So, the magazine, as you have previously known it, will be no more. I will not-so-subtly allude that we have our eyes on producing a different sort of print product in the near future, but I don’t want to say too much just yet.

“And further, we’re excited for everything we have planned this year. As I said above, 2017 marks Ride’s 25th anniversary and we’re continuing to evolve both the brand and the content we create. Jeff, Zach, and I will be producing more original features and videos alongside our regular contributors Justin Benthien, Tristan Afre, Brien Kielb, and our most recent addition to the squad, Grant Castelluzzo. We have plans for five jams across the country at bike-friendly parks, a couple of DIY jams thrown in for good measure, the 21st annual NORA Cup award ceremony, and we will, of course, continue to produce progressive videos, feature the newest product, and keep our website with the latest and greatest in BMX.”

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