Trek Bikes UK takes over Bike UK of Bristol

Formerly part of the Ralph Colman group, Trek Bicycle has now taken ownership of the store and the assets of Bike UK, Bristol.

Trek UK today issued a statement that said: “The team at Bike UK have built a business with solid foundations, excellent staff and a strong community. Bike UK’s reputation and performance in a prime location presented an excellent opportunity in Bristol, a vibrant cycling city with a great many commuting riders, as well as fantastic road and mountain bike scenes. With a clean air diesel ban due to take effect in 2021, all things point to exciting times for cycling and Trek is looking forward to being part of that with a direct owned store there. Bike UK has been a committed Trek dealer for many years and this acquisition will allow Trek to enhance the business with our full range of bikes, parts and accessories.”

The store will continue to trade as normal with the same sales team and service centre. In the spring of 2020 Trek will refurbish and re-brand the store in its current location.

Around the world Trek has taken ownership of numerous stores, with the UK portfolio including the acquisition of former Triathlon specialist Royles, among others.