Vee Tire Co UK appoints Scottish sales agent

Vee Tire Co UK has bolstered its on the road team, recruiting Johny Milton as its Scotland and the borders sales agent.

“Johny has a great understanding of our products and the way we do business,” commented the VEE Tire Co. team. “His understanding of the Scottish market and what our and ultimately his customers expect means that they will enjoy doing business with him whilst benefiting from his in depth industry knowledge.

“Understanding both sides of the “counter” and also being a man on the ground enables us to interact at all levels. It is important to understand your market place with individuals that are respected in their territories”.

“VEE Tire Co. are continuing to push forward on their ‘Direct to IBD’ approach by offering high margin lines. I am excited to work with them,” commented Milton on his appointment.

To find out more about the brand’s approach, check in with our recent article on the business here.

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