Bicycle Times halts print as Dirt Rag gets publisher’s focus

The print side of Bicycle Times is to halt for the foreseeable future, the publisher has announced.

Coming in tandem with the departure of editor in chief Adam Newman, the founder outlined that while newsstand sell through remains strong, advertising sped has been on the decline for the past three years.

“I’m glad we’re helping make the world a better place by getting more butts on bikes. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped get Bicycle Times printed for the past eight years — the companies that ‘get it’ and our 30,000-plus readers who read it,” publisher Maurice Tierney told BRaIN.

Publisher Rotating Mass Media will now focus its resource on Dirt Rag, as well as the digital side of Bicycle Times and the events arm to the business. Planned for October, the Bicycle Times Adventure Fest will hit Virginia.

The final issue of Bicycle Times, for the time being, will ship during Mid-March. Subscribers will be offered Dirt Rag, a title soon to mark its 200th issue.