Velosport organises “Great British Cycling Style” evening for top-end labels

Set for Soho’s Archer Street venue on Monday, cycling performance specialist retailer Velosport has collaborated Ashmei and Factor for an evening of entertainment.

Next week’s event, curated by the London retailer, will engage customers, industry folk and enthusiasts in an evening of short talks and curtain raisers, with Ashmei’s CEO Stuart Brooke kicking things off ahead of Factor’s Operations Director Russell Mather unveiling the brand new Factor One v2.

According to Brooke the event will look at how a new wave of British brands set themselves apart using high performance materials, plus quality of manufacture and cutting edge processes.

Profiled in the most recent CI.N Trade Journal, Velosport services the premium end of the road cycling market, going the extra mile to engage customers in the products it carries.

To register for a ticket, head here.