Vittoria debuts tubeless tyre insert with Deaneasy collaboration

Deaneasy’s patent-pending tubeless tyre liner, as detailed here in January, has been picked up by Vittoria who have rebadged the tech under the ‘Air-Liner’ banner.

Following Schwalbe into this segment, this tubeless insert is made from a low-density polymer that weighs in at around 190 grams for the 27.5 iteration, though the firm did suggest that a weight reduction was easily achievable in its near-term development.

Enabling riders to run lower pressures without the fear of a pinch flat, the insert is soft enough to deform to the terrain, but tough enough fight off all but the very worst impacts.

Deaneasy sales manager told CI.N at The Bike Place Show earlier this year “this insert will work with very low pressures, entirely eliminating pinch flats and burping on tubeless tyres. What’s more, it will also vastly reduce high frequency vibrations.”

Replacing a portion of the air volume in the tyre, the system is said to provide a tunable system that gives a progressive feel.

The insert comes in four widths (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large), which will span prices ranging €69.00 for the cross country 1.9 to 2.2″ iteration through to €75 for the plus size and fat size, which is designed to fit 2.7″ to 4” tyres.

Vittoria is available from ZyroFisher in the UK.