Which Mountain Bike advice and jargon buster website gets rolling

Coming just 24 hours after the news that What Mountain Bike has closed, a not to be confused online reviews site dubbed Which Mountain Bike has launched.

Set up by mountain bike enthusiasts Barrie Holden and Richard Ford, whichmountainbike.co.uk‘s mission statement is “to melt away the mystery of choosing the right bike and accessories to explore some of Britain’s best countryside, and get fit into the bargain.”

Overwhelmed by the choice and jargon found on the shop floor of mountain bike specialists, Holden said: “Faced with such a lot of choice I was completely thrown, I just didn’t know what was involved so I didn’t know what sort of questions to ask. It was hopeless.”

That’s when he got together with fellow mountain bike enthusiast and family member Richard Ford.

“I’ve been a keen cyclist for years,” said Ford. “I was able to guide Barrie through the process of selecting the right bike and accessories. I’d never really thought about how the novice might feel in a modern retail environment, either in a bricks and mortar shop or online. That’s when we decided to put together all the advice for other prospective purchasers – and what better place than the internet!

“We’ve set up our web site as a ‘road map’ for understanding mountain biking. It has advice and detail presented in an objective and open way to help people understand what’s going to help them to get the best from a healthy and rewarding pastime – all while staying within their budget.”

The site is now live here: Whichmountainbike.co.uk