Wolftooth loses UK partner on the back of Brexit

The UK distributor of Wolftooth components is to cease handling the brand from March 1st.

Leveret Productions, set up in 2013 by former Madison employee Chris Smith, has been supplying the Wolftooth label via B2C channel Leveret.cc. This however is no longer cost effective.

Blaming Brexit, Leveret told Singletrackworld: “The main problem is the currency crash linked to Brexit. I’ve gone from making a living out of distributing Wolftooth, to scraping by. I could put up prices, but then why wouldn’t the UK customers just order from Wolftooth direct?”

Meanwhile, Wolftooth components has been expanding its business, taking to Interbike’s Outdoor Demo in September to launch a bike brand dubbed Otso.

Leveret Productions remains a distributor for Lupine lights.

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