ZyroFisher renews Look Bicycles distribution with agency based deal

ZyroFisher has announced a renewal of its partnership with Look Bicycles, but with the amendment that in future the arrangement will switch to an agency based model.

Starting from October 1st, dealers in the UK will therefore have direct access to Look’s centrally held bike inventory in France and deliveries will be made direct to dealers. Pedal distribution will remain unchanged, with stock being supplied via the ZyroFisher warehouse.

This move to an agency approach for Look bicycles and frames will streamline logistics and aims to improve the service, choice and availability offered to dealers and their customers.

Seb Coue, LOOK Cycles Sales and Marketing Director said: “This new approach is a great project for 2021. The main goal of the change is to increase flexibility, improve service and offer a wider range of Look Bicycles to UK retailers. In the future it will also allow us to improve our digital connectivity with our customers. We are very happy with our longstanding partnership with ZyroFisher and look forward to working on this new collaborative agency model for UK retailers.”

Nikki Hawyes, ZyroFisher Brand Director said: “Dealers and consumers have a huge choice of brands and we believe that with this new approach we will see service levels improve and dealers will have renewed confidence to invest in Look bikes and frames for their store.”

If you’re interested in stocking Look bikes and frames from ZyroFisher, please contact the Bike Sales Team by email.

For Look pedals, please contact your ZyroFisher Account Manager or call 01325 741 325.

In other ZyroFisher news, the distributor has recently added Continental to its portfolio.