Tannus to launch new ‘Armour’ puncture protection system

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s bit quite a bit of innovation on the tyre front recently. Alongside Schwalbe’s Procore system we’ve also seen Madison signing Flat Tyre Defender. As well as a number of bike-share schemes using solid tyre systems – the impending Taipei Cycle Show will see the launch of Air Fom’s airless tyre business – 3D printed tyres are also being developed, so we are sure to see plenty more innovation soon.

The diversity of product offering certainly looks like an emergent market. One company heavily involved in this new wave of technology is Tannus, who signed with Moore Large in September of this year. Now Tannus are launching what they describe as a revolutionary insert simply named “Armour”.

Aimed at the off-road market as well as commuters, Tannus believe their system could rival established tubeless set-ups.  Developed with Tannus’s Aither technology, the “Armour” is aimed at using a tube setup to give the rider better flat protection and the ability to ride at lower PSIs without ever getting a pinch flat. Available in 2019 for 29” and 27.5” MTB sizes as well as a 700 x 35-40C size, the system is aimed at all riders.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a clincher tyre and inner-tube combo, the Armour sits between the inner-tube and tyre. At its thickest point, the top of the Armour is ~15mm, which, combined with a tyre provides in excess of 20mm of puncture protection. The walls of the Armour are ~2mm thick and totally encase the inner tube, providing additional lateral protection from punctures to the sidewall as well as pinch flats.

In the unlikely event you get flat tyre, you can also run flat on the Armour without any problems under 10km/h; which could get you out of trouble. Armour installation is claimed to be as easy to set up as a standard tyre / tube combo and requires no special tools or added maintenance.

The Armour has been developed with Tannus’s now familiar Aither technology. Tannus have the ability to change the properties of the Aither compound for different uses. In comparison to the Aither in their airless tyres for example, the Amour is a lighter, more springy and shock absorbing, foam compound.

Due to come onto the market in Spring 2019, the Armour is priced from 29.99 euros, significantly more competitive than the Schwalbe Procore or Cushcore inserts for tubeless. Weight wise, the Armour is between 250g for the 700 x 35-40C and 290g for the 29”, with the 27.5” weighing 270g.

Alongside the product being launched at the Taipei Show, German giant Messingschlager will; be announcing that it will be the official European distributor of the Tannus Armour (excluding the UK and Spain).