Bike maker Simplon notches further growth as new director appointed

Austrian bike maker Simplon has appointed Thomas Zenker to the role as COO and second managing director, alongside CEO Stefan Vollbach.

The decision to bolster senior management comes on the back of a 200% growth in staff numbers, with nearly 150 employed. In the same period the bike maker has gone from producing shy of 10,000 bikes annually to north of 16,000. This has seen the business increase its turnover from €20 million to approximately €44 million euros this year.

According to Simplon, for the next few years this growth is to be continued with innovative products, “future-oriented support for the specialized trade”, as well as a further increase in brand awareness. After completion of the preseason order for the 2021 model year, Simplon has already recorded a more than 40% increase in orders and expects a successful business year despite a difficult situation on the supply side.

Stefan Vollbach said of the firm’s path: “In 2015, we embarked on a great and beautiful legacy that the founding family and the Hannover Finanz Group have placed in our hands. The team at Simplon has achieved a great deal over the past five years, especially in view of the significantly changed product landscape and the dynamic market. We have once again sharpened the brand considerably, frequently caused a stir with innovative products and solutions, and culturally managed the growth of the Simplon team well.

“With my new colleague, the load is clearly shared. I am convinced that we will continue to use our momentum in a controlled and successful manner in the future and that we will successfully master the coming challenges together.

“When deciding on the position of COO; we as a team of shareholders made an extremely careful selection due to the challenge and the distinct Simplon corporate culture. Based on the experience of the first month of working together, I am absolutely convinced that I have found the perfect match and I am looking forward to the coming years.”

Thomas Zenker added on joining the team: “To continue to operate successfully with great products, a dedicated team in an exciting market environment outlines the situation at Simplon. The strong growth of the last years shows the necessity to take the next steps: We have repositioned ourselves both in terms of personnel and structure in order to stay on course for the future.

“Together with our employees we want to build the foundation for future success. Above all, we want to increase our added value along the entire production and supply chain and thus further enhance overall customer satisfaction.

“I look forward to working with Stefan and the Simplon team to successfully master the challenge together and thus proactively shape the future.”