BikeFit takes headache out of parts switches with quick-adjust stem and seatpost

BikeFit has developed its own quick-adjust tooling for the stem and seatpost in order to assist fitters in slashing the time taken to complete a sizing.

“It’s not uncommon for a fitter to throw 10 different saddles on during a fit session to best match the customer, but that’s an incredibly time consuming process. Our product takes the stress out by utilising a quick-release mechanism. It’s as much a sales tool as a fit tool now given the upped efficiency,” explains BikeFit’s Damon Wyatt.

Meanwhile, the adjustable stem allows a fitter to quickly shift between 60 to 145mm reaches in 5mm increments, as well as twisting down by plus or minus 30 degrees. Both 1 1/8 and 1 1/4 steerer options are available.

The systems, which come in a portable carry case, will be available via distributors by mid-October. The seatpost module will cost $350 and the stem $250. In the UK, I-ride stock BikeFit goods.

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