Car maker steps into high-power electric bikes for extreme conditions

Dutch automotive giant VDL ETG has announced a partnership with Trefecta which will result in the creation of an all-terrain high-powered electric bike and one perhaps best suited to armed forces use.

The announcement is the latest in a string of car makers taking an interest in electric bike production and the second reported on CyclingIndustry.News today.

Though far from road legal in most territories (it’ll go from 0 to 45kmh in under six seconds), the Trefecta e-bike is now in full production and the firm is looking to North America and Europe for fleet opportunities alongside special forces.

VDL ETG Projects will initially supply all the manufactured parts for the eBike. Then VDL ETG Projects will take responsibility for the entire supply chain.

Gerben Klein Baltink, managing director of Trefecta: “We are very pleased to have found a strong, respected partner in VDL ETG Projects for the production of high-quality components for our eBikes. The support that VDL can provide enables us to respond quickly to market opportunities and also provides us the support we need when approaching new customers.”

Production will begin with 200 units in the second half of 2016. The production volumes are expected to rise in the years thereafter. The first eBikes to which VDL has contributed will be put on the market in late 2016.

Arie van Kraaij, managing director of VDL ETG Projects: “We are impressed with Trefecta’s vision regarding the construction of this unique electric bike and are very pleased with this collaboration. The manufacturing and assembly technologies that VDL ETG Projects possesses fit perfectly with the technical requirements for this high-tech product and our partner’s ambitions.”

Back in May, LEVA and eCycle Electric’s Ed Benjamin wrote for CyclingIndustry.News calling for the bike trade to be aware that auto firms are weighing in on e-bike market opportunities before cycle industry gets foothold. Read Ed’s thought here.