CIN Podcast: Urban mobility & sustainability with Tern Bicycles

CIN sat down with Tern Bicycles Team Captain, Josh Hon, and Sales & Business Development Director, Matt Davis, to discuss how the cycle industry could benefit from getting on-board with urban mobility and sustainability…

It’s been a pretty busy time for Tern recently, and considering the roll out of the brand’s Bikes for Business programme, click and collect initiative and now a new product launch, it’s a wonder the team could conjure up a few spare minutes to appear on the latest episode of the CIN Podcast.

While at the Taipei Cycle Show, we caught up with Hon and Davis to hear all about what the urban transportation brand has been up to over the last year, discuss the huge potential of the urban mobility market for the bike industry, and why they believe local bike shops are integral to the sector’s growth.

“We’re very big fans and supporters of local bike shops and businesses buying through them, so they have a local service contact. When a business buys a bike, to keep it on the road for longer, as well as all the consumables that go with it, it helps to have a local shop on hand to keep that maintenance going, just like you would with a car.

“I don’t know if all local bike shops realise this, but if you’re selling an e-bike, the local bike shop is essential. If you’re buying a transportation vehicle that you’re relying on every single day, then you must have local service. The dealers also become a point of community contact. We’re seeing a very exciting trend globally of a shift towards a better bicycle infrastructure, and where there’s better infrastructure there’s more cyclists. The local bike shop then serves as a support for that burgeoning community and has an opportunity to take advantage of that.”

Listen to the full interview with Tern’s Hon and Davis below, or via the player to the right of the website.


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