Colnago opens up direct sale via dealer model in US

Colnago customers in the US are now able to purchase prior model year bikes and frames online via a new portal.

As part of the program the dealer remains involved, with deliveries set for the customer’s local shop for assembly.

Current model year stock will remain exclusively for purchase on the shop floor, or via authorised online partners and the firm has vowed that 2017 stock will not feature in the new direct program.

“It was important that we introduce a new way for U.S. customers to purchase Colnago products online,” said Billy Kanzler, national sales manager of Colnago America. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with independent bicycle dealers across the country.”

Incentives are offered for the assembly of those bike shops signing up, though shops can opt out altogether if they wish.

Earlier this year CI.N carried an interview with founder Ernesto Colnago in which he discussed everything from the advance of the modern bicycle to investment in the business.