Dutch Government plots to pull 200,000 from cars with €100 million extra for cycling

The Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure Stientje Van Veldhoven has announced a further €100 million investment in cycling, including incentives to cycle to work for employees in a bid to further tilt the modal share balance from cars to cycling.

Already a world leader in modal share rates, with Utrecht surpassing 51% of journeys by bike, the European territory will now invest €26 million in new cycling routes, while €74 million will go specifically on cycle parking facilities around the country. The locations of these installations are yet to be determined, but there was a nod to specific racking for cargo bikes and even speed pedelecs within the statement.

“It is my ambition to ensure that people can easily go to work, school, family or friends. The bicycle makes an important contribution to accessibility, liveability and health. It reduces traffic jams and gives room to people who do not have a choice. That’s why I want to stimulate cycling with the goal that there will be 200,000 extra commuters from the car and that we will make 3 billion more bicycle kilometers together, “says the State Secretary.

Furthermore, Van Veldhoven alluded to a discussion to be had with employers relating to a 19 cents per kilometre travel allowance for employees that cycle to work, or that can be used against compensation on a new bicycle purchase.