E-Cargo bike start up Gleam begins serial production

Netherlands-based e-Cargo bike start up Gleam has announced its first bikes have entered serial production at its smart factory in Emmen.

The firm is looking to ship the first of the bikes to its customers in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

Gleam developed its ‘next generation’ of e-Cargo bikes together with European motorcycle experts which have previously designed vehicles for the likes of BMW and Ducati. Together, the parties developed Gleam’s Dynamic Tilting Technology (DTT) which keeps the bike’s cargo level while going round corners and uneven ground.

With the cargo situated at the back of the bike in a similar style to that of a trailer, the DTT system keeps the cargo stable and balanced with an in-built Tilt-lock system, aided by the full front and rear suspension and Bosch motor.

Gleam currently has three models; the Messenger, which is fitted with a cargo box on the back for fast and comfortable deliveries; the Freestyle, designed for adjustable mobility; and, coming in the summer of this year, the Family, created for safe and practical travelling with a children’s seat box attached.

The start up’s vision is to ‘transform the urban movement by becoming car-independent’, through reducing congestion, creating easier parking and getting people more active. Gleam has designed its e-Cargo bikes with emission-free city logistics in mind, and well as for a variety of personal and professional uses.

CI.N spotted Gleam’s tilting technology at last week’s MOVE 2020 mobility exhibition and conference, alongside new bike share fleet anti-theft technology from eBikeLabs, and new additions to Vello’s folding e-Bike range.

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