European cycling market now worth €18.3Bn, localised e-Bike production hits 80%

The European cycling and electric bike market was worth €18.3 billion in 2020, according to fresh analysis from trade body umbrella CONEBI.

Based on a collection of datasets from across the EU’s 27 member states, as well as the United Kingdom, it has been revealed 22 million complete bicycles or e-bikes were sold in 2020. The news comes as Bosch e-Bike System chief executive Klaus Fleischer says that he expects half of all bikes in Europe to be sold with pedal assist by 2025.

“E-Bikes are fast becoming consumers’ preferred choice,” points out Manuel Marsilio, CONEBI General Manager. “European citizens are selecting greener e-mobility options over buying cars or using public transport, which resulted in E-Bikes enjoying a staggering 52% increase in sales. E-Bike sales leapt to EUR 10.6 billion in 2020.”

New information includes the finding that of the 4.6 million electric bikes sold in Europe, as much as 80% (3.6 million) were assembled on the continent, emphasising a trend of reshoring and localised manufacturing that has been gathering pace. This, says CONEBI, has boosted employment by 30% across the e-Bike, parts and accessories segments.

Erhard Büchel, CONEBI President, said of the findings: “Investments/innovation topped EUR 1.5 billion, up from EUR 1 billion in 2019. This has fuelled unprecedented production growth across Europe.

‘’Production of parts and accessories in Europe also spiked in 2020, reaching €3 billion, which highlights the positive impact on the whole production value-chain. Nevertheless, the current situation in the global supply chain is an important signal: we need to invest more in local production; we need to invest more in Europe. Based on current projections, we expect the value of the parts and accessories produced in Europe to double to EUR 6 billion by 2025,” outlines Büchel.

It is believed that 150,000 direct and indirect jobs are attributable to European cycling manufacturers. “Taking into account bicycle tourism, cycling services such as cycle-logistics and bike-sharing, and the retail sector, more than 850,000 green jobs are supported by our industry,” says Marsilio.

Adding 40% on 2019’s volumes, the Covid induced ‘bike boom’ and fine spring summer weather was largely behind the spike in sales that has subsequently left the industry short on supplies.

Investment in cycling infrastructure across Europe was likewise attributed to 20-year high sales boom and it is expected, with Green Economy pledges to meet, that many European countries will feel the need to keep such momentum going.

CONEBI’S European cycling market report is available to purchase in full from CONEBI by emailing here. For market data specifically on the UK bike market, CI.N has a similar dataset available to buy here, as well as further reading on local 2020 data here.