GoPro opens Bucharest engineering office, creates 100 jobs

GoPro has opened an office dedicated to software engineering in Bucharest, Romania.

Opened today, the location was chosen in part to tap into a wealth of engineering talent in the region, with 100 jobs expected to be created this year.

“The decision to expand GoPro’s software engineering operations into Bucharest aligns with our top priorities for 2017: strengthening execution and managing costs,” GoPro COO CJ Prober said. “The area is rich with diverse talent from prestigious colleges and universities, as well as Fortune 500 technology companies. We have the opportunity to leverage this talent and consolidate our outsourced software and IT contractors into one centrally located, highly efficient team.”

The firm is looking to reverse a trend of decline and stabilise the business for the future. In Q3 of 2016 the firm posted a 40% drop in revenue, while in Q4 it emerged that a lawsuit had been filled against the firm, which stands accused of deceiving investors over the Karma drone’s problems.