Kids bikes imported to US from China granted tariff exclusions

The US Trade Representative (USTR) has granted tariff exclusions on kids bikes with wheels from 12-24 inch diameter imported into the US from China, reports Bicycle Retailer.

The additional tariff on these bikes was 25%, implemented by the Trump administration in September 2018, and it now reverts back to the 11% tariff in place before President Trump’s trade war with China began. Importers should be able to recover the additional tariffs they have been paying since then.

Several importers and trade groups requested the exemption dated 31st December 2019. This latest addition means three collective kids bikes exemptions will provide complete relief for kids bikes from the Section 301 tariffs. It is estimated that these exemptions could enable the industry to recover more than $62 million in tariffs already paid.

The USTR also granted an exclusion to some bike saddles imported into the US from China, which meet the criteria: ‘Bicycle saddles, each having a cover of plastics, man-made textile fabrics or a combination of the two.’

In November last year a tariff exemption was granted on carbon bicycle frames imported to the US from China, as a result of a successful request by Massachusetts-based road bike brand Parlee Cycles.

$1 billion worth of bike-related goods have been impacted by the tariffs brought in by the Trump administration since 2018.

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