LEVA-EU calls for evidence on “aggressive” customs actions towards e-Bikes

LEVA-EU, the European trade body representing numerous brands shipping e-Bikes from around the globe, in particular China, has this week called for evidence of alleged “aggressive” tactics deployed by EU customs authorities.

In a statement to press, LEVA EU said:

“The allegations are quite diverse but include among other things:

  • Buying from a European supplier who is suspected of circumventing anti-dumping duties on electric bicycles from China
  • Using incorrect HS codes to avoid anti-circumvention duties on bicycle components.
  • Illegal application of rules of origin for e-bikes that are produced outside the EU and China.

“In all these cases, there are serious doubts as to the legal basis for the EU customs’ approach and claims. The European trade association for businesses in the light, electric vehicle sector, LEVA-EU is currently seeking legal advice.”

It is said that some manufacturers have experienced “invasive” customs procedures that go beyond what is to be expected. As a result, the trade body is seeking to hear from companies across all member states with similar complaints to see if a trend exists. It is guaranteeing anonymity to those who disclose detail of their experiences.

Cases can be reported by phoning or mailing LEVA-EU Manager Annick Roetynck: +32 475 500 588, annick@leva-eu.com.

Established in 2017, LEVA-EU has long fought the corner of European importers handling transcontinental business and has around 50 members behind its efforts.

The organisation is also encouraging progressive thinking when it comes to legislating for e-Bikes, most recently encouraging the EU not to waster an opportunity to maximise the e-Cargo bike’s potential in cities by stifling the pedal-assistance on heavier vehicles.