Raleigh’s B2B now builds in live chat

Raleigh Bikes UK has announced the creation of a live chat portal on its B2B website.

Following the roll out of the same functionality on its consumer site the live chat functionality grants dealers quick access to a technical team that is said to have doubled in size in recent months, as well as sales staff.

Andy Naylor, Raleigh’s Consumer Services Manager said of the upgrade: “It’s so important that we provide a first class service to our dealers, with Live Chat we can continue to provide the best in industry service. All of my team have worked in bike shops and understand that it’s not always convenient to make a phone call while you have customers in the store, that’s why it’s very important for us to be able to offer this service to our dealers.”

Alongside Live Chat is the recent addition of an online warranty claim form, making it simpler to process warranty claims. Implementing Zendesk has enabled the service teams to measure dealer feedback and act on the insights it provides. Raleigh reports a 98% satisfaction score for all web chats completed during June ahead of widespread rollout of the feature.

As an aside to the web upgrade, the distributor has also made the following investments:

  • e-Bike technical training and hands on workshop experience for all the office support teams.
  • A focus on getting key Yamaha spare parts like PWX motors in stock and available.
  • Measuring what customers actually think via customer surveys.
  • Investment in up to date tooling, e-Bike stands and IT equipment in the service centre.
  • Frame number capture for all warranty claims and feedback loop via quality team to production facilities.

In recent months the distributor has added numerous new brands to the portfolio, most recently adding the Saris Group’s portfolio.

To contact Raleigh by phone you can still call 01773 532694.