Retailers urged to check credentials of visiting frame protection labels

A few weeks back whispers circulated in the UK trade relating to suspicious activity by visitors to shops purporting to represent frame protection labels and particularly interested in measuring bikes carried by the shop.

This has prompted new Windwave carried label RideWrap to issue a statement urging caution of such visits, at the same time stating that by appointment meets are normal for its label, as are requests to measure certain bikes.

The statement reads:

At RideWrap our purpose is to provide the best frame protection products to the cycling community. In order to do that, we have taken measures to ensure we maintain a leadership position as a provider of the best bike frame protection products.

As our business grows and the demand for bike frame protection grows we recognise that there are a lot of bike makes and models out there. We also recognize there are deficiencies in the market in regards to availability of bike frame protection kits. To remedy this, our staff work with shops and brands by appointment to measure bikes. Their objective is to measure bikes so we can offer protection kits for those bikes.

Recently, it was brought to our attention that another bike protection brand was made aware of suspicious imposters approaching shops to measure bikes and risk their stock. We advise all shops to be wary of anyone that claims they are from a bike protection brand other than RideWrap. They may be an imposter and they may be putting your stock at risk.

Our staff contact shops in advance, or receive requests to visit shops to measure bikes. We work together with brands, retailers, distributors and customers to provide the most complete line of bike protection products and the best customer service possible.