Uber’s JUMP bike-share scheme planning to launch in UK and Ireland

According to a job listing on its website, Uber’s JUMP bike-share is searching for a General Manager to “shape and lead” the scheme’s launch in the UK and Ireland.

The successful candidate will be responsible for defining and implementing JUMP’s operational, marketing, and policy strategy while recruiting an operations team. They will also oversee budgeting, expansion plans and initiate key marketing campaigns.

Although, it is not yet known exactly when the scheme will be launched in the UK.

JUMP, which enables people to rent an electric-assisted bicycle within Uber’s app, is looking to expand globally with similar roles hiring in Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands, France and Spain.

JUMP is the latest dockless bike-share service to show interest in the UK, joining the likes of Ofo, Mobike and most recently Lime, which introduced a fleet of electric-assisted bicycles to Milton Keynes last month.

The service has recently re-vamped its e-Bike fleet, adding a phone mount for easier navigation and a front dashboard underneath the front handlebars. The new bikes also have a swap-able battery which turns a dead bike to fully-charged without moving it from its spot, rather than the JUMP team taking the bike back to the warehouse to charge.

Uber acquired New-York-based JUMP in April earlier this year, adding two-wheeled transport to its multi-modal hiring service portfolio.

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