Ultimate C8+ HMB becomes Gazelle’s 2nd best selling e-Bike

Gazelle’s iF Design Award-winning e-Bike, the Ultimate C8+ HMB, this year grew to make up a significant proportion of the brand’s international sales.

Launched in June, the Ultimate C8+ HMB made up almost 15% of Gazelle’s total sales of e-Bikes worldwide for the following three month period. The e-Bike is available in 11 countries and has become Gazelle’s second best selling e-Bike.

Half of the 250,000 bicycles Royal Dutch Gazelle produces yearly from its Dieren factory are e-Bikes. Exports have become more important to the brand and Gazelle’s product development team has international opportunities in mind.

“There is great interest in the Dutch heritage of bicycles,” said product manager Linda Slob. “Ride like the Dutch has now become a common expression where people would like to make the bicycle a means of transport as popular as it is in Dutch society.

“The Ultimate collection focuses on three cornerstones: design, comfort and
performance. The great success factor is the sporty look, whilst the bicycle actually rides very comfortably.

“Attention is given to the requirements of export markets. The electric Ultimate collection now consists of five models with which we can serve the entire international market. And we will shortly be introducing two speed versions that are ideal for commuting to work.”

In its home market, Gazelle is heavily investing in ‘Experience Centres‘ to support dealers and offer test rides and advice to potential customers. As well as experimenting with leasing, Gazelle recently launched a young urban rider-focused CityGo HMS e-Bike.