Air pollution dips alongside RideLondon route, again

The levels of dangerous particulates in the air, once again, have nosedived alongside the RideLondon route.

Showing drastic improvement across all metrics, wide-ranging road closures over the weekend gave ample evidence to support the case for lowered car use in urban spaces at a time when poor air quality is said to be responsible for the premature deaths of 800,000 a year in Europe and 8.8 million worldwide.

On Putney High Street, which was closed for 12 hours between 7.30 AM and 7.30PM yesterday, the start and finish of the cycling event is clearly seen as a low against surrounding highs.

RED: Nitric Oxide (ug m-3)
GREY: Nitrogen Dioxide (ug m-3)
PINK: Oxides of Nitrogen (ug m-3 as NO2)
YELLOW: PM10 Particulates

Where closed on Saturday 3rd the Holborn stretch posted unanimous dips in levels of Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Oxides of Nitrogen.

Over on Cromwell Road, West London, levels again dipped significantly for the duration of the road closures on the 4th:

Similar drastic improvements in air quality are often associated with the closures attached to the London Marathon. The 2017 RideLondon also posted similar conclusive data.

A comprehensive guide to particulates most hazardous to health and social wellbeing can be found here.