Aire Velo expands low contact hybrid ceramic bearing catalogue

Aire Velo Bearings has begun to expand upon its low contact Hybrid Ceramic catalogue in a drive to give UK bike businesses a longer lasting performance offering.

Currently available to dealers are BB30, 6001 and 6900 kits, with more stock due shortly.

“We’re finding an enhanced demand for hybrid ceramic bearings in the UK with the UK rider demanding a bit more longevity,” offered Aire Velo’s Jonathan Richards. “No one wants to be replacing bearings all the time.”

Dealers can take on workshop boxes of 16 sets, making a 25% saving on top of the 10% discount immediately offered to trade accounts. The firm has no minimum order and delivers via first class post to ensure a quick turnaround of service work. Custom-filled boxes are available on request.

Aire can also now supply trade accounts with a Boca Bearing made installation tool at £37.50, excluding VAT. Shops can sign up for a trade account here.