enviolo Launches Simplified Transmission System for Cargo Bikes

As part of enviolo’s continued focus on creating products that fit the specific needs of growing markets, enviolo has redesigned its cargo stepless shifting system. For MY2020, the heavy-duty continually variable groupset will be only available in a single piece axle version at a 10*135 dropout variant, simplifying the mounting process for bicycle manufacturers.

Introduced in MY2019, as part of enviolo’s use-case-based product portfolio, the cargo groupset features durable and strong components that enable greater material strength and allow applications of up to 280 kg permissible vehicle weight. To boost rider safety, an integrated brake disc mount of up to 203mm has been included through a forged housing. The shifting system is compatible with 500W nominal power motors, but as a part of the optimization, the output torque limit has been increased from up to 80Nm to up to 100Nm.

“With the new version, we are simplifying assembly, while reducing maintenance efforts. At the same time we
maintain the power limits required for inner-city transportation” says Richard Hilgart, Product Manager at
enviolo. ‘

OEMs can already place sample orders with enviolo and production of the new cargo internal gear hub will start in April 2019. For more information, please visit www.enviolo.com.