Larry vs Harry starts global cargo bike partnership with DHL

Cargo bike specialists Larry vs Harry has signed a partnership with courier giant DHL centering on a modified version of the classic Bullitt.

Having worked together to create an electric cargo bike with anti-theft box the pair have now completed a successful trial period, during which several European countries made good time delivering via the specialist bike. Following the success in Europe, DHL is set to introduce the build to its Asian partners for use in cities.

At the present time 75 of the bikes are on the roads in Holland and Germany, with the success to date leading DHL increasingly to replace vans with cargobikes.

Bullitt cargobikes can haul around 100 kilograms per journey, something which the European Cyclists’ Federation believes should easily accommodate up to 50% of light deliveries in cities. Indeed a study into the feasibility of replacing van deliveries with cargo bike transit has more or less proven that businesses can save money and time.

Royal Mail, with its 49,000 vans on the road in the UK, has previously told that they will not be turning to the cargo bike anytime soon.