LEVA-EU unveils a new logo and website

Trade association LEVA-EU has unveiled a new logo, a rebrand and a new website. The changes come as the organisation wants to make it easier for businesses to navigate legislation.

It now has a more distinct logo to take it forward to the next stage of its work, which includes influencing and monitoring EU legislation.

The new website was launched during European Mobility Week and aims to offer clearer information to its members.

Annick Roetynck, manager of LEVA-EU, said the rebrand has kickstarted a bright future for LEVA-EU, as more people discover the benefits of switching to light electric vehicles.

She said: “Light electric vehicles are the future of transport and LEVA-EU is committed to influencing policies to ensure businesses can trade smoothly in this critical sector. However, it can be time-consuming and costly to find your way through the maze of regulations for light electric vehicles, time and money that would be better spent on growing your business.”

“Our experts are here to guide businesses through these complicated regulations, so it is only right that our website makes this process simple too. We look forward to connecting with even more organisations and continuing to fight for our members in the corridors of power.”

The website includes new pages on LEVA-EU case studies, partners, testimonials, and events. Companies are also able to advertise on the new website and its weekly newsletter to showcase job vacancies and light electric vehicle events. Additionally, it is also offering its members access to studies and statistics to help them navigate market trends as well as opportunities to network with each other.

LEVA-EU’s previous work includes its request to remove the legal bottlenecks on e-Bikes, which in turn has led to further research being undertaken to change legislation. This change allows for a wider range of LEV’s to be classed separately to motorbikes and mopeds.

Last month LEVA-EU called for evidence of alleged “aggressive” tactics deployed by EU customs authorities as they represent several brands shipping e-Bikes from around the globe, in particular China.